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The Kids Who Dance on New York’s Trains


My first run-in with subway performers was about two week ago. I had just moved to New York City from California and was already past the bewilderment-and-awe phase of catching a train across the Manhattan Bridge—I had moved onto the trying-not-to-fall-over phase. Among me, an elderly couple, a few businessmen, and a group of very

Legal Briefs: What’s Happening in the Law?


Each week, we bring you updates on the legal world. Looking ahead… With the release of the new iPhones this past week, Apple has started a battle with the government over phone data access. Previously, the government could access unencrypted data on the cellular devices via a court order. Now, the government will still be able

Life as a Police Officer—What It Looks Like, What It Is


When we tried to lift him into the backseat of the police car, the man’s legs detached from his body. I was working patrol at Central Precinct. The patrol division in many departments consists of officers assigned to respond to 911 calls and non-emergency requests for service. A radio call from dispatch sent me to

The Law of Outer Space


With the reboot of the miniseries Cosmos on Fox, I get the sense that Carl Sagan has come back in to vogue. For him, science mattered, and in particular, space science mattered. I dare you to watch The Pale Blue Dot and not feel moved to discover our place in the universe. I also would

Louisiana Judge Crams Some Gay Marriage Down Your Throat


According to opponents of marriage equality for same sex couples, the 40 pro-equality rulings since last year’s landmark Windsor decision are the product of “activist” judges out to cram gay marriage down our collective throats. Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage*, has written time and again about how the spate of decisions