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Australia Versus the U.S.—Who’s Got More Right to Be Racist?


When I was in the third grade, my teacher bought some goldfish as class pets, and allowed the class to name them through a majority vote. We brainstormed a list of names and then voted on our favorites. My class had more boys than girls, and though this was not necessarily apparent in the brainstormed

Legal Briefs: What’s Happening in the Law?


Each week, we bring you updates on the legal world.  Looking ahead… The Ray Rice legal drama has been brewing for a bit now, but it looks like it’s not over yet. Rice and his lawyers are gearing up to take legal action against the NFL. Rice is expected to argue that he was unfairly punished

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin For Now


Bitcoin advocate Charlie Shrem’s guilty plea last week to federal charges of aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business turned the spotlight back on Bitcoin, the emerging online “currency.” Shrem’s plea was particularly notable because of his status as both a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder and former CEO

Holding Sports Stars Accountable for Violence Against Women

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The beginning of football season also brought with it a focus on domestic violence in the public eye with the indefinite NFL suspension of and Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice after a video was leaked of him abusing his then fiancée (now wife). A video of him dragging her out of the elevator was released

#WhyIStayed & #WhyILeft


The day my girlfriend and I broke up for the fifth and final time was the day Barack Obama announced that he supported gay marriage. I let out a laugh that was more like a bark, took a Xanax, and slept on and off for the next two days. My friends brought me water and