On June 25, 2011, a usually very private man stood in front of a room of our family and friends, said a lot of sweet things, and promised to love me through every stage of our lives. I promised him the same and used Little Jon lyrics for emphasis. We signed paperwork, drank champagne and I took a quick photo with some furries who were in town for their national convention.

Furries at wedding

Furries at wedding

On February 4, 2013, our lawyer put this piece of paper in front of me.

Deed edited2

I don’t entirely understand why our marital status was included on the deed.  With regards to the to the purchase of this house, we are business partners who are making an investment in property. The fact that we will be sharing one of the bedrooms doesn’t affect the value of the house. But when our lawyer slid the deed across the table I finally felt the happiness that the stress of the bidding competition, low-tech inspection, endless checks and the emotions and antics of the banks had pushed aside. Two summers ago I committed to a partner, two weeks ago we committed to our next adventure together.

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