May It Please the Court: Revisiting Maira Kalman’s Illustrations of Law

January 7, 2013

Sometimes we wish the internet didn’t keep things forever. Other times, we’re glad it does, because we discover treasures. Maira Kalman‘s 2009 illustrated blog And The Pursuit of Happiness is one. A year-long exploration of American history and democracy, the blog includes a post describing her visit to the Supreme Court.

There are many kinds of laws, she tells us:

Maira Kalman 2

When she sits down with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, they talk about cake.

Maira Kalman 3

After she goes to lunch…

Maira Kalman 4


Maira Kalman 5

It ends there, this reflection on loneliness, courage, justice and order. It’s how most of her work ends–open-ended and thoughtful. She meanders through her exploration of politics, coloring in her recitation of historical fact with personal details and sincere questions scrawled over bright original portraits like these. For more, check out her inauguration and George Washington stories.