Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

August 12, 2013
  • The DOJ and SEC file lawsuits against Bank of America, claiming that it misrepresented the quality of prime jumbo loans to investors.  (NY Times)
  • The court martial proceeding in the Fort Hood shooting case begins.  (CBS News)
  • Veteran with prosthetic hand wins disability discrimination lawsuit against the FBI. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Division among courts means the Supreme Court may have to take up the issue of when warrants are required for cellphone searches.  (Washington Post)
  • Gag order could prohibit children from discussing fracking.  (Mother Jones)
  • When reality stars face legal woes, networks and production companies also face challenges.  (Fox News)
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois dismisses a wrongful death lawsuit against an online firearms marketplace, holding that the website cannot be held liable for the criminal conduct of its users.  (Wall Street Journal)
  • Kenyan lawyer files a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice, seeking to overturn the conviction and death sentence of Jesus Christ.  (Time)
  • NYC appeals court’s decision striking down the ban on sugary drinks.  (Bloomberg)
  • Law firms start betting on business in Africa as its middle class grows.  (Washington Post)
  • A review of data from multiple states indicates that the success of a stand-your-ground defense may be related to the race of the attacker.  (Christian Science Monitor)
  • The Sioux deliver a complaint to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, asserting that the placement of Native American children into non-Native American foster homes in South Dakota could be characterized as genocide.  (Al Jazeera English)

Photo credit: Jason Coppola/Al Jazeera