Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

October 21, 2013

Street performers challenge some states’ efforts to regulate busking. (The Economist)

The Supreme Court hears arguments on whether a state may ban the use of racial preferences in university admissions. (Washington Post)

Copyright law poses challenges for literary biographers. (Slate)

African Union demands immunity in the International Criminal Court for sitting heads of African states. (BBC News)

Is constitutional reform the answer to America’s budgeting issues? (Salon)

Some of Captain Phillips’ former crew members file lawsuits, complaining about the depiction of events in the film starring Tom Hanks. (Business Week)

Elderly Chinese parents resort to suing their children for financial support. (CBS News)

Mother who was found not guilty by reason of mental disease of drowning her three children might get around the Son of Sam law, which prohibits criminals from profiting from publicity of their stories. (NY Post)

The NYPD is looking for the artist Banksy, seeking to question him about alleged vandalism. (International Business Times)