Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

November 4, 2013

Should the Supreme Court allow oral arguments to be televised? (Washington Post)

A retrial for Michael Skakel on the basis of an inadequate defense puts his well-known former attorney in an awkward position. (NY Times)

A current bill in Russia could be a step towards recognizing domestic abuse as a separate crime. (Bloomberg)

Judge mulls over whether a murder victim’s blinking in response to police questioning is admissible. (Washington Post)

Federal judge blocks portions of controversial Texas abortion law. (Time)

Wisconsin state legislator plans on introducing law that would criminalize parent and infant co-sleeping under certain circumstances. (Slate)

Penn State settles abuse and assault claims. (The Atlantic)

Prosecutors are concerned about billboards, located at Metro stops near the DC courthouse, that encourage jury nullification. (Washington Post)

The Supreme Court of Virginia, in a case arising out of the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech, rules that the university had no duty to warn students about the potential for criminal acts by third parties. (Supreme Court of Virginia)

Family court judge dresses up as a fairy godmother for Halloween adoption proceedings. (People)