Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

December 9, 2013

Courts get involved when an Amish family refuses chemotherapy for their daughter. (Akron Beacon Journal)

British court, that previously ordered a mother to undergo a C-section, rules that the child should be placed for adoption. (Al Jazeera)

Same-sex marriage is now official in Hawaii. (Salon)

Supreme Court denies cert in case regarding whether online retailers are required to collect sales taxes. (Washington Post)

States with “two-tier” voting systems (i.e., requiring proof of citizenship to vote in state elections but not federal ones) face legal challenges. (Time)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch claims that wrongful arrests in the city could be avoided if closer attention was paid to fingerprint discrepancies. (Slate)

Artist sues USPS for copyright infringement, claiming that the Postal Service used a photo of his sculpture on one of its Forever stamps. (New York Post)

Judge allows Detroit bankruptcy proceedings to go forward. (NY Times)

Animal rights group files a lawsuit on behalf of a chimpanzee, claiming that the writ of habeas corpus applies to confined animals. (Wall Street Journal)