Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

January 13, 2014

A Texas law won’t let a family remove a woman from life support if she is pregnant. (Slate)

The Fifth Circuit hears arguments about two provisions of Texas law that have led to the closing of several abortion clinics. (CBS News)

Nurse, who received a religious exemption from getting a flu shot, is terminated after refusing to wear a mask. (Springfield News-Leader)

The Supreme Court grant’s Utah’s request for a stay, which will prevent same-sex marriages from occurring while the appeal from the lower court’s order allowing same-sex marriages is pending. (Washington Post)  The legal status of the marriages performed before the stay will likely be litigated. (Wall Street Journal)

Erwin Chemerinsky provides an overview of some of the high-profile cases the Supreme Court will hear this week. (ABA Journal)

The new laws for 2014 affect, among other things, light bulbs, food packaging, tanning beds, flash mobs, and the paparazzi. (National Review)

Federal judge rules that Chicago’s ban on gun stores is unconstitutional. (Chicago Tribune)