Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

January 27, 2014

Is leaving your child in the car for a few minutes while you run an errand child abuse? (NY Post)

Companies are receiving big discounts from some law firms. (Economist)

Two former high school lacrosse players file a federal lawsuit against school officials, alleging that their constitutional rights were violated when officials searched and seized items they claim were used for maintaining lacrosse equipment. (Washington Post)

Man who wore a Nazi uniform to a bachelor party is fined in France, and faced serious charges such as denial of war crimes. (The Guardian)

Arizona state senator introduces bill that would allow business to claim religious exemptions when faced with discrimination lawsuits. (Slate)

New law requires parents to attend parent-teacher conferences in Cleveland.  (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

The Attorney General of Virginia announces that his office will not defend Virginia’s laws denying same-sex couples the right to marry. (EDVA)