The Laws of Springtime

April 22, 2014

Dear Listeners,

The Polar Vortex has faded into the frosty recesses of our minds, which can only mean one thing: we are barreling headlong into spring!

As you begin to plant your garden (or your windowsill), rolling up your sleeves and digging your hands into the dirt, we hope you will consider the ways in which Life of the Law has helped you to grow over the seasons. Did we make you think differently about who pays taxes in this country and why? Or what it’s like to be pregnant in prison? Or the costs of incarceration, long after someone has been released from jail or prison?

Perhaps you welcome spring into your home with a top-to-bottom deep cleaning, airing out the staleness of winter and letting the sunshine in. As you scrub and mop, rinse and repeat, may we suggest downloading our full catalogue of tough-acting, brain tingling podcasts to keep your ears and your mind happy while deploying your elbow grease?

However you welcome spring, we hope you can find a way to make sure Life of the Law is part of it!

At Life of the Law, we are virtually chirping with excitement for all that we have in store in the coming months. We are hard at work producing more podcasts, and building partnerships with innovators in the fields of law, journalism, sociology, and more. We can’t wait to take you on more down-the-rabbit-hole journeys through the legal system in this country. Won’t you join us?

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photo credit: alemdag via photopin cc