Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

June 2, 2014

Conversation with strangers (not studying hard in your Rules of Evidence course) is the key to being a great lawyer, says one guy. (Above the Law)

Speaking of great lawyers, this man is going to need one to get off the hook for attacking Brad Pitt. (The New York Times)

Never committed a crime? Doesn’t matter – the NSA might already have your mugshot. (Salon)

The National Security Agency is on a roll. They got more funding and more permissions this week in a landslide vote. (Tech Dirt)

Speaking of the stealthy, the Supreme Court has been quietly editing its opinions for ages, and in the Internet age, tracking the changes is easier than ever. (The New York Times)

Google has been getting states to legalize driverless cars left and right, for weeks now. (FindLaw)

Miami Gardens in Florida is the new epicenter of the nation’s stop-and-frisk crisis. (The Atlantic)


photo credit: vivoandando via photopin cc