Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

June 23, 2014

Beauty, brawn, and brains: this guy definitely has the first two, and someone might argue all three after a wildly successful campaign for donations to pay for his bail for felony weapons charges. (Think Progress)

Brains and money are mixing in another way over at Google, where political lobbying is a new priority for the company. (Politico)

The city of Richmond in California started an experiment to pay people not to kill each other. It worked. (Mother Jones)

After the Redskins lost their rights to their trademark this past week, out comes a handy guide to offensive trademarks. (Above the Law)

A federal judge just upheld New York City’s mandatory vaccine policy for school-age children. (New York Times)

Moving down south, Georgia just passed the nation’s first “pro-guns” law. You read that right; it doesn’t merely allow gun ownership, it encourages it. (NPR)

And moving out west, Seattle is about to adopt a fifteen-dollar minimum wage law. Businesses are scrambling to figure out what that means for their profits’ fates. (Seattle Times)


photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc