5 Serial/Serious links for Serious/Serial Listeners

November 25, 2014

Are you obsessed with the new podcast Serial?

Join the club. We have collected some of the best links around the web for Serial listeners for whom the podcast itself is not enough. Read on.

1. Reddit

The conversation on Reddit about the case of Adnan Syed has reached epic proportions. Want to hear about alternate theories? Holes in evidence? Information that hasn’t yet come out in the series, itself? Here is where you should go if you want many, many hours to kill.

2. Split the Moon

The personal blog of Rabia Chaudry, the lawyer/family friend of Adnan Syed who brought the case to the attention of Serial creator (and This American Life producer) Sarah Koenig.

3. The Bold Italic 

If you like charts, this.

4. The Serial Serial

For true fans, the A/V Club has launched its own podcast about the podcast. From what we’ve heard, it’s worth a listen, especially over the next week and half during which Serial itself is on holiday.

5. Slate’s Serial Spoiler Specials

Not to be left out, Slate has also jumped on the podcast about the podcast bandwagon.

For an analysis of the show up until now by our editor Mary Adkins, click here.

Have we missed one? Leave it in the comments!