Thank You For This Year, From Life of the Law

December 21, 2014

Life of the Law has had a wonderful year! We produced 22 episodes, more than 200 magazine articles, and 4 LIVE LAW sold-out storytelling events in clubs and meeting halls across the country.

We expanded our team of insightful, dedicated and professional producers, editors, reporters, writers and scholars, and engaged five talented visionaries to work with us as our new Advisory Board.

In August, Life of the Law became a project of the Tides Center through which we are grateful to have extensive support and guidance from our team of advisors, Luba Palionny, Michael Quan, Ashley Bastinelli, Irene Kao, Casey Budesilich, Mike Anguera and Elizabeth Aviles.

We are so fortunate to have funders who believe in Life of the Law and have offered to generously support our work. Thanks to the Open Society Foundations, the Law and Society Association, the Proteus Fund and everyone who sends what they can in individual donations.

Every dollar makes the next podcast, magazine story and LIVE LAW event possible.

There are not words enough to thank Atul Varma and Jessica Klein for designing our clean, accessible, brilliant new website. They helped us grow up, and we are forever grateful for the hours and hours and hours of personal time they devoted to making this possible.

Last but not least, we want to thank every person who shared their story, challenge, and experience with our reporters. It’s not always easy to trust, and we honor the fact that you trusted us.

We hope you all have a safe, thoughtful, relaxing holiday, and we look forward to sharing new stories in 2015!


Life of the Law


Image: Caroline Kessler