Newsletter: Have You Seen our New Look?

March 9, 2015

Have You Seen our New Look?


We’re the first to admit: we like playing around with new websites. Over the past couple of years, we’ve tried a few looks, but this time, it’s true love.Check it out. Isn’t it gorgeous? Thanks to Brad Surcey at Zeus Jones for coming up with the initial design, and Dana Weitzenberg at Lobstervine Web Design for making it all happen so beautifully.

And best part, it makes finding all our content––50 feature episodes, hundreds of blog posts and Live Law Stories -–so easy!

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to our latest episode CALL NOW by the tremendously talented Sean Cole. The world of legal advertising is surprising; we jump in.

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                    —  Nancy and the Life of the Law Team


Our Next Episode: Midwifery


Valerie Runes is a lawyer in Chicago. She used to be a midwife. She learned how to be a midwife by apprenticing under another midwife. Until one day she got a call from her former mentor.

“She called and told me you know I just got a visit from the Huffman State Police,” Runes recalls. “And I was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. You probably should not come today for pre-natal appointments.”

The legal status of midwifery is “vague and blurry,” as reporter Renee Gross explains. On Tuesday, March 10th listen to our new episode, “Birth Rights.”

“A lot of midwifes were hesitant to talk to me,” Gross says. “Many of them have been burned in the past by reporters.” That’s what makes this episode so interesting; it’s an inside-look with midwives who are usually hesitant to talk to the press.

A bit of behind the scenes production news. This week we welcome our new Managing Editor, Michael May to the production team. You’ve heard his work on our show before, and now, you’re in luck! You’ll get to hear even more!


Announcing LIVE LAW 7!


Des Moines, you’re next! We’re excited to partner with Drake University’s Law, Politics, and Society program, and the Slay Fund for Social Justice, to co-produce our first ever Live Law show in Des Moines on April 29th.

Life of the Law’s Advisory Panel Scholar Renee Cramer and her students are working closely with Live Law’s Senior Producer Mary Adkins to produce and present an unforgettable night of live storytelling.

If you’re going to be in Des Moines, Iowa on April 29th, wonderful. The event is free and open to the public. You’ll have a chance to hear six live stories about the law, meet a few of our team members, and a surprise guest from Infinite Guest. More information is on our website.

And more good Live Law news. We welcome Jonathan Hirsch, our new Live Law Sound Producer to the Team. Jonathan will be working with our Live Law Producer, Mary Adkins to bring you more amazing events and stories. Coming soon….


And We Just Can’t Put it Down…


Here at Life of The Law our team of producers and scholars read about the law in the news, all the time. Sometimes a story grabs us and we can’t put it down. This week, it’s a story from the Marshall Project about what one city in Pennsylvania is doing to crack down on truancy: sending parents to jail.


“I ran into the word ‘law’ when I was twelve years old. I knew then I was going to be the type to speak up for people.” – Clemmie Greenlee at Live Law Albuquerque