Curtis Carroll entered San Quentin State Prison as a young man. He could barely read or write.

That was until he discovered the world of Wall Street. He asked questions, studied stocks and today, behind the walls of the prison, officers and inmates know him as “Wall Street.” He keeps a stock portfolio, studies national and international corporations and shares his excitement about making money the legal way by teaching a financial literacy class to fellow inmates.

Life of the Law’s Executive Producer, Nancy Mullane,  has been reporting on Wall Street for over five years. The conversation she recorded inside San Quentin State Prison is between Wall Street and an award-winning international financial investor. We collaborated with the Kitchen Sisters to present at TED2015 Vancouver.

Wall Street’s story speaks to the power of persistence and hard work. Despite incarceration, his returns are probably beating yours. Listen to learn how he does it. The interview inside San Quentin State Prison begins with the investor talking to Wall Street about the stock market.

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