Truth or dare. When was the last time you played the game? We all have stories of playing the game in high school. Maybe it was a  Saturday night, and you sat around asking each other very personal questions daring one another to tell the truth or take a dare to do a stupid and sometimes dangerous thing — like eat a spoonful of bacon grease or streak across the neighbor’s lawn.

Don’t know why we need the game. We’re all supposed to tell the truth – all the time. It’s an unwritten social law…but doesn’t always work out that way.

We host live storytelling events that are unlike any other. All across the country, our Live Law shows showcase the stories of lawyers, judges, storytellers, and everyday people share their experiences and encounters with the law. 


Recently, we took our live storytelling show to Brooklyn. 


For our feature episode, we included three stories from this very special event, but you can listen to all of the stories from “Live Law Brooklyn – Truth or Dare” below.

Alex DiFranceso

Alex DiFranceso

Felix Neals

Felix  Neals

Will Coley

Will  Coley

Live Law Brooklyn – Truth or Dare 
was produced by Ashley Cleek and Jonathan Hirsch. Mixing and sound design by Jonathan Hirsch, with additional music from Broke For Free and Ikkyu.

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