This summer, Life of the Law is featuring stories from some of the best and the brightest upcoming audio journalists from Pitzer College and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. We’re calling it our New Voices Series.

Our first story Winter of Love is from Aviva DeKornfeld of Pitzer College in Southern California.

“To go inside City Hall, not 100 yards from where Harvey Milk was assassinated, where I had yelled in protest and cried in pain, to be married in City Hall…It was when I realized what a revolutionary act it was.”

–Torie Osborn

In February 2004, the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, directed San Francisco’s city/county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Thousands of people filled San Francisco’s cavernous city hall to marry their partners. There were celebrations and protests.

Four  months later the California Supreme Court ruled these same sex marriages null and void and it was as if they had never happened. But it wasn’t the end of same sex marriage in San Francisco or in the US and after state-wide votes, petitions, and lawsuits, today there is marriage equality nationwide.

Aviva DeKornfeld shares the stories of couples who survived those first few months of conjugal bliss only to be declared single, by the court.



Winter of Love was reported by Aviva DeKornfeld and edited by Ibby Caputo, with sound design and production by Jonathan Hirsch.

We want to thank Ora DeKornfeld, Aviva’s sister and an Independent Documentary Filmmaker, Kevin Moffett, Professor of Creative Writing, Claremont McKenna College, and Life of the Law’s Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle for their production support. Howard Gelman was our engineer.

We would also like to thank Ashleyanne Krigbaum for sharing her audio recordings of June 26, 2015 at San Francisco City Hall, and Angela Johnston, Reporter and Producer at KALW in San Francisco.

The music in this episode is from Blue Dot Sessions, Podington Bear, and Lowercase Noises.

Full Transcript of Winter of Love



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