What do you eat for breakfast? A bit of steel cut oatmeal with warm milk.  Yogurt with fresh fruit. And when you sit down to eat do you think about where it all comes from? That might be a problem for the people who work to make your breakfast possible.

“Being trampled, being struck by livestock, being struck by vehicles, backed over. People have fallen into and drowned in manure pits.”

– Steve Kaplan, OSHA

Turns out small dairy farms can be some of the most dangerous, unregulated places to work. There are hinges and machines and huge cows to contend with. Over the past decade in New York State alone, 70 dairy workers have died on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, investigated only six of those deaths.

Life of the Law reporter Eilis O’Neill traveled to upstate New York to find out why it’s so dangerous to work on small dairy farms.



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