All over the world people create. Music, art, literature. But is their creative work protected? Sure there are international copyright laws, but are they enforced? And if not, what then? This week our team took to the studio for a discussion to sort out global culture and international copyright law. If you haven’t yet listened to our most recent feature episode GIFT AND CURSE OF MUSIC – Haiti’s Fight for Copyright by reporter and composer Ian Coss, take a minute to hit the play button.

Then come back and join us for our in-studio discussion on the incentives and rewards of international and national copyright law.

Tony Gannon  Senior Producer

Nancy Mullane  Executive Director/Producer

Osagie Obasogie  Professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, author of Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race through the Eyes of the Blind, and a member of Life of the Law’s Advisory Board.

Madhavi Sunder   Professor of Law at UC Davis and author of From Goods to a Good Life – Intellectual Property and Global Justice

Ep 118: In-Studio

Global Intellectual Property


Production Notes:

In-Studio: Global Intellectual Property was edited and produced by Tony Gannon. Special thanks to Tony Gannon and Osagie Obasogie for joining us at KQED studios in San Francisco, and Madhavi Sunder for joining us from the studio of UC Davis for our discussion. Katie McMurran and Howard Gelman engineered the In-Studio at KQED and Tim Kerbavaz engineered from the studio of UC Davis.

Our post production editors are Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle and Rachael Cain.  Music in this episode was composed by Ian Coss.

This episode of Life of the Law was funded in part by grants from the Law and Society Association, and the National Science Foundation.

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