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Marital Infidelity and the Public/Private Divide Listen Listen


I’ve just read this U.S. News editorial suggesting that the American public has come full circle in its approach toward infidelity of public figures. It echoes some thoughts I had after watching a few episodes of Scandal, House of Cards, and The Good Wife. All three shows are deeply invested in...

LIVE LAW 6 – BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS – Nashville – August 6 – 7pm Listen Listen


We aren’t planning on breaking any laws at LIVE LAW 6 but you never know what can happen when people start telling stories about their music and the law. It all happens live – Wednesday night, August 6th at 7pm – when LIVE LAW travels to...

Episode 39 - Two Sides of a River Listen Listen


Sometimes what’s considered as socially acceptable behavior can also be technically unlawful. Reporter Jason Albert follows one city as it grapples with how to enforce laws in a public park without unnecessarily restricting public use.

CA Death Row Ruling of Enormous Importance Listen Listen

Entrance to North  Segregation death row inside San Quentin State Prison. Photo Credit: Nancy Mullane

"If the state does not appeal the decision, it has huge consequences not only in California, but nation wide."

Use It or Lose It: A New Milestone on the Road to Abolition Listen Listen

Photos of death row inmates and their cell numbers inside San Quentin's Adjustment Center. These images represent 100 of the more than 700 death row inmates housed at the prison. Photo Credit: Nancy Mullane

America has a choice, use the death penalty and execute those we condemn to death or lose the right to execute anyone.