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How the Bard Prison Initiative Set Me Free Listen Listen

Before I was accepted into the Bard Prison Initiative, something was terribly wrong with my life, my attitude, and my decision-making. I was lost. I grew up poor in the Bronx. Drugs, violence and poverty were prevalent factors not only in my household, but also in...

Legal Briefs: This Week in Law Listen Listen


Would Obama have a case against Samsung, with a dash of baseball? (WSJ) Congress goes on spring break, but no one notices since it wasn’t doing anything anyway. (National Journal) Study shows that the earliest enrollees for health insurance under the new healthcare law were less...

Q&A With a Legal Startup: Hire an Esquire Listen Listen

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Founded in Philadelphia in 2011, Hire an Esquire initially served small law firms looking for freelance lawyers. In 2013, it expanded its services and now aims to meet the staffing needs of even the largest law firms by making it easy for firms of all sizes to manage and pay a...

What does a DA talk about with convicted murderers who are also journalists? A lot. Listen Listen


Recently, District Attorney, Jeff Rosen paid a visit to San Quentin to discuss crime, punishment, rehabilitation, and reentry with about a dozen convicted murderers as part of the fourth San Quentin News Forum. “It isn’t very often that I’m in a room with a lot of guys who’ve...