Where does one find a discussion of research on abduction for forced marriage amidst West and Central African conflicts? Where does one find research on how ‘yes means yes’ policies on university campuses have affected the college students intended to follow these new rules of consent? What about a conversation on the various strains of conservative thought?

The Law and Society Association’s annual conference just came to an end, and we were happy to find scholars and researchers engaging these questions and more. For the first time, Life of the Law set up a listening station where attendees could interface with our production team, listen to previous podcast episodes and engage in impromptu conversations.

Life of the Law also co-presented the panel Building Partnerships, a discussion on the year-long process to produce our four-part Uganda series. The series was an international collaboration of journalists, researchers and legal scholars who worked together across continents and time zones to tell the stories of people once held in captivity.

Life of the Law also facilitated two panels where LSA scholars and researchers pitched ideas for stories based on their work. We are grateful to everyone who stopped by our listening station, and participated in our panels, to contribute ideas, make suggestions, listen to our podcast and even agree to impromptu interviews. The exchange of information based on years of research by LSA scholars, advocates, attorneys, sociologists and political scientists made for an incredible conference.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode when we present a conversation we had at the LSA conference with Wallace B. Jefferson, former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and Renee Knake, Professor of Law at the University of Houston.

In our banner photo left to right, Wallace B. Jefferson; Renee Knake; Benjamin Edwards, Professor of Law, UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law; Andrea Hendrickson, LOTL Producer; and Tony Gannon, LOTL Sr. Producer. (Photo credit: Nancy Mullane, LOTL Executive Producer)

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