Life of the Law Loves You, Our Listeners

February 13, 2014

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Life of the Law is in love with you!

Here at Life of the Law, we have our nose to the audio grindstone. We are hard at work producing more podcasts that take you on our witty, winding path through the ins and outs of our legal system. But these last few days, we’ve been thinking about you. A lot.

If it weren’t for you, your perfect ears and your dedicated downloads, we wouldn’t be able to continue to bring you the compelling, thought-provoking pieces that you love to hear.

At Life of the Law, we are not afraid to bring you stories about complex legal issues and their impacts on real lives of people in this country. And we are not afraid to tell you what we know in our heart to be true: that we love you, listeners.

Whether you’ve been with us since our very first podcast, “The Secret Power of Jury Nullification” in September 2012, or just heard Life of the Law yesterday, we aim to make your heart (and brain) go pitter-patter with each new investigative piece, with each blog post, and with the line-up of hour-long specials we have planned in 2014.

So, listener, will you be our valentine?

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As always, on behalf of the production team at Life of the Law, thank you for your generous support, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Katie Barnett is philanthropy coordinator for Life of the Law.