Legal Briefs: This Week in Law

June 9, 2014

Three inmates escaped from a jail in Quebec by a helicopter that landed inside the prison and swooped them away. Somewhere, a Hollywood producer is celebrating his next movie plot. (BBC News)

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl got out of the Taliban’s clutches by helicopter, but he’s not entirely out of trouble just yet. He could face desertion charges in the coming days. (CBS News)

Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban has been ruled invalid. (SCOTUS Blog)

Equally invalid: drunkenness as a legal defense for accepting a bribe. (New York Post)

Worked at one camp last summer and trying to get a job at different camp this summer? You might be out of luck because of the fine print. Non-compete clauses are the new standard for job-seekers everywhere. (New York Times)

Bob Woodward tells all on “Deep Throat” and Watergate. (Washington Post)

A different kind of “gate” in the news this week: A man accused of possessing explosives was arrested near Golden Gate Bridge after a several day manhunt. (Los Angeles Times)

Who says business and law don’t play well together? One university is trying to combine their business and law schools. (Portland Press Herald)

photo credit: Colin-47 gone to 500px via photopin cc