Legal Briefs: This Week In Law

July 7, 2014

Granada and Grenada make the news. A man and his wife are suing an airline for flying them to Spain, not the Caribbean. (ABC News)

Somewhere, Nancy Grace is smiling. The next Casey Anthony-type case is brewing in Georgia, where a father has been charged with murder for allegedly killing his son by leaving him in a hot car. (ABA Journal)

A whistle-blower who filed FOIA suits against the CIA now believes he lost his job because of it. (Washington Post)

In New York City, one girl’s college essay spurs long-deserved justice. (Gawker)

TSA is raising the stakes of airport security circus by requiring passengers at some airports to charge their phones before boarding. (Slate).

Moving onto the sports world, Donald Sterling is beginning his last-ditch attempt to save his ownership of the Clippers. (New York Times)

And in Charleston, a bride and groom are less than amused; some newlyweds are suing the hotel that hosted their wedding because a naked guest interloped during the exchange of vows. (Courthouse News Service)


photo cred: Nathan Rupert via photopin cc