Meet Me, Our Intern: Part II

July 6, 2014

They say bigger is better, but for me, I’ll take ten over ten thousand any day.

If you haven’t looked at our “About” page recently, you might want to. You’ll notice that while we have a wonderful group of contributors and a strong advisory board, the team that makes this project happen day in and day out is ten people. When I decided to join Life of the Law, I didn’t realize just how important this would be.

One of my favorite things about being the intern has been working with Nancy, our executive producer, in San Francisco at her house. When we’re together, often times the conversation turns to what types of decisions are on Life of the Law’s radar – questions about what type of content we want to produce, questions of how we should organize our team, questions of what our website should look like… questions of just about everything and anything related to Life of the Law’s future.

I’ve enjoyed talking strategy with Nancy. And I don’t think that would happen if I were somewhere where there are ten thousand people in a stacked hierarchy. We work side by side, horizontally organized. For someone relatively new to public radio and a member of this team for just a few months, to be able to talk and think about these bigger “Who are we, and what are we trying to do?” questions has been really interesting.

This kind of intimacy with these decisions would not happen if we weren’t a small team. It’s not just me in on these conversations – everyone has some say in the strategy we adopt moving forward, and it’s a neat, exciting process. What’s perhaps even more exciting is the prospect of seeing the input I give into these decisions take form and materialize into something several months down the line.

Big decisions, little decisions… the more, the merrier!


photo cred: bricolage 108 via photopin cc