We are hiring writers!

August 28, 2014

Life of the Law is looking for a few great writers to write about the law.

Do you have a snappy perspective on what’s happening in the world, and can you write about it in a way that is compelling to everyone—from stay-at-home parents to freelance journalists, law school students to editors, lawyers to scholars? Dentists?

Life of the Law wants to work with a small team of regular contributors to cover the law and business/the economy; race/identity; the environment; law school; politics; gender; families; criminal justice; entertainment; and work/employment. You don’t need to be a lawyer or have a J.D. (and if you do, well, don’t write like a lawyer). Here, here, and here are some sample posts to give you an idea of our tone.

Send a resume, links to three of your online, published writing samples, and at least two areas of interest by Sept. 5 to mary.adkins@lifeofthelaw.org.


Image: Lívia Cristina via photopin cc