Legal Briefs: What’s Happening In the Law?

September 22, 2014

Looking ahead…

Barry Bonds, the disgraced baseball star of doping scandal fame, was convicted in 2011 of obstruction of justice for offering incomplete answers in his testimony before a grand jury. But the conviction may soon be overturned in a federal appeals court. In preliminary hearings, one judge told prosecutors that their “reading of the [obstruction] statute [was] absolutely alarming.” The court’s decision will be released in the next several weeks. (San Jose Mercury News)

Everyone is talking about whether the Supreme Court will rule on gay marriage anytime soon. The signals are mixed, at least according to Lyle Denniston of the SCOTUS Blog. Regardless of the Supreme Court’s action, several states are moving forward with their rulings. (SCOTUS Blog)

And in case you missed it…

It’s not just Ray Rice. Alabama District Court Judge Mark E. Fuller was arrested and charged with battery more than a month ago, but politicians are now just starting to call for his resignation. The Judge is accused of attacking his wife during a stay at a luxury resort. (New York Times)

If death penalty executions are somewhat rare, even rarer are executions of women since the Supreme Court ruled to allow the punishment in 1976. Lisa Coleman of Texas was executed on Wednesday. (Washington Post)

Texas made a splash in legal news this week when a judge ruled that the part of a statute that makes it illegal for individuals to take photos of women’s “upskirts” is not unconstitutional. (The Daily Beast)


Image: Eric Molina via photopin cc