“The deal is what the deal is. Take it or leave it.”

Not all stories about the law fit snugly into one of our feature investigative reports. Some stories are best told live, in front of an audience, no editing and no backing out.

This week we take you to Nashville for BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS stories about the blues, jazz, songwriting and a cabin in the woods. Produced and hosted by Hal Humphreys, our live show explores music and the law in “Music City” with stories from…


  • Harold Bradley, a musician and studio entrepreneur helped create the “Nashville Sound” and served as President of Local American Federation of Musicians. Why do musicians need a union? Listen and find out.
  • Loren Mulraine earned his JD at Howard University of Law, worked as a contracts attorney for the FAA, then moved to Nashville to practice entertainment law. A songwriter and gospel recording artist, Mulraine is a professor of Belmont School of Law.
  • John Allen earned a scholarship to study classical guitar at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music then headed to Music Row after college. He’s worked at Capitol Records and Bug Music and is now Vice President at BMG Chrysalis.
  • Inspired by Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, Alison Prestwood followed her musical dreams and became a session bass player recording with Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins. But when Music Row’s fortunes flagged, Alison took up another instrument… the law.




Live Law Nashville – Blood, Sweat, and Tears was produced by Hal Humphreys, Kim Green, and Jonathan Hirsch. The team had production support from Alyssa Bernstein, Annie Aviles, Ashley Cleek, Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle and Nancy Mullane.


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