What do you think about corporal punishment? Did you experience it as a kid? Do you do it today, to your kids, as an adult? All 50 states allow it by law. After we published and listened again to our most recent episode Mother and Son, we decided to take this In-Studio time to talk about corporal punishment or “spanking”, who among us was spanked as kids, and what we think about it today. We also get around to the United Airlines fiasco.

Join us for In-Studio, when our team gets together in the studios of KQED in San Francisco to talk about our recent episodes, the law in the news and the law in our lives.

  • Brittny Bottorff  Attorney and Chair of LOTL Advisory Board
  • Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle  LOTL’s Post-Production Editor
  • Nancy Mullane  LOTL’s Executive Producer and Host
  • Osagie Obasogie  Scholar and LOTL Advisory Board Member

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Stories we’re talking about…or want to talk about:

For each In-Studio, our team brings stories they want to talk about. This week, we got some, but not to all — all of the links are posted below.

One story that caught our attention since we recorded our In-Studio is one reported by The Epoch Times, who reported the story of a principal’s paddling of a 5 year old boy. Check out the video and write to tell us what you think!


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