It started out as a plan to steal some comic books, sell them and split the cash. That was before a busted lip, a heart attack, and federal prosecutors stepped in.

Reporter Mary Lee Williams, a graduate of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, tells the whole messy story of some people who got caught up in two different systems of laws, and two prosecutors who saw their crime from two very different perspectives, with long term consequences. Our story… Ten Hours to Twenty Years.


Episode 115:  Ten Hour to Twenty Years

Ten hours to Twenty Years was reported and produced by Marylee Williams. Tony Gannon senior produced this episode. Our Post Production Editors are Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle and Rachael Cain. Ceil Mueller at KQED Radio in San Francisco was our engineer.  Music in this episode was composed by David Szesztay, Jahzzar, the Losers, Blue Dot Sessions, Podington Bear, and April.

Special thanks to UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, Ben Manilla, and Editors Anna Sussman, Kara Platoni, and Julie Caine. We had background research from University of Detroit Mercy Law School Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law Richard Broughton. We also had editorial assistance from Lacy Jane Roberts, Teresa Cotsirilos, and Jennifer Glenfield. Special thanks to Harlan Haskins, Megan Dunbar, and Armin Samii.

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