This week Life of the Law presents LIVE LAW… stories from people living with the rapid fire shifts that come with tech in the Bay Area, folks who are pushing back against the gentrification and alienation to try to make real life contact through music, journalism, murals, and filmmaking.

LIVE LAW San Francisco: Initial Public Offering took place on Friday night, February 23 at The Polish Club in San Francisco’s Mission District. We recorded the night so we could share it with you — stories by Fantastic Negrito, Marcus Thompson, Irene Tu, Riddhi Shah, Troy Williams and Sirron Norris.

We’ll let our host for the night, tech startup entrepreneur and LOTL Advisory Board Member Jessica McKellar introduce you…

Listen to the night…

Live Law SF: Initial Public Offering

Or listen to each of the storytellers, individually:

Sirron Norris


Marcus Thompson


Irene Tu


Troy Williams


Riddhi Shah


Fantastic Negrito

We’d like to thank Fantastic Negrito, Sirron Norris, Riddhi Shah, Marcus Thompson, Irene Tu, and Troy Williams for their stories.

We also want to thank the volunteers who made the night possible, Khalilah Nelson, Sandy Fish, Andrew Germond, Nayeli Maxson, Poppy Dere, Brittny Bottorff, Kay Carter, Baxter Bhansalli, Steve Schellenger, Corinne Smith, Scott Steiner, Carlos Gonzalez, Amy Mostafa, Paul Galvin, and Max McKellar.

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