“What we don’t know is what happened in the 18 seconds that the police officer that was in the hallway. He ended up shooting my son seven times in the chest and face. As far as what I know is that he passed away somewhere between the house and the hospital.” – Andrea Irwin

Police officers throughout the U.S. shoot and kill unarmed people, in Sacramento, Detroit, New Orleans and in Madison. The Washington Post reports 987 people were shot and killed by police in 2017, sixty-eight of them were unarmed. There are marches and calls for investigations and in the end, justice is elusive. So when Life of the Law producer Zoe Sullivan said the mother of an unarmed bi-racial teenager who had been shot and killed by a police officer in Madison had been keeping an audio diary after her son’s death, we listened. We hope you will too.


Episode 132: Death by Police
A Mother’s Diary




Production Notes:

DEATH BY POLICE – A MOTHER’S (AUDIO) DIARY was recorded by Andrea Irwin and produced by Zoe Sullivan. Tony Gannon is our Senior Producer. Nancy Mullane is Executive Producer. Music and production support by Andrea Hendrickson. Rachael Cain is our social-media editor. Feature photo credit: Nate Royko Maurer.

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